Shrines of Legend

Session Four: Errands and Reprimands
In which the party buys things and gets in fights.

September 17, 2010

The party began their trek into Mytria, with Bardock and Zella left behind to fill in as the new joint mayors of Ocloma.

Halfway through the ninety-mile journey to Invar, the first major town, the party was ambushed at night by several goblins. They were defeated with some ease, although some scrapes were had by Sir Bonerus in particular.

As the battle concluded, two guards on horseback from the nearby settlement of Jydavon approached. They thanked the party for taking care of the goblins, who were part of a group that had been terrorizing the village.

The PCs received a few days’ free billeting in the inn. Notable events: Sir Bonerus’ powers increasing, although not to any useful stage yet, and being used to assault a bartender. He had to do a weeks’ work with the town guards as punishment.

After a week, the party walked onward toward Invar. Along the way, they met some traveling merchants. Sir Bonerus purchased eyewear to stop his powers from manifesting everywhere, Thalord bought a miner’s pick, and the party moved on after a hushed debate over whether or not to murder the peaceful traders.

The party had several days’ errands to run upon reaching Invar. Thalord, accompanied by Tamarie, went to get his unrefined gold turned into bars of the same. Bonerus and Silos went weapon-shopping but found nothing to their liking. Zogs and Mayve purchased some poisons under the counter at an apothecary. Finally, Timtim, Bonerus, and Silos purchased a modified Scroll of Magic Missile, a Brew of Battle, and nothing (respectively) from a friendly old magic-user.

Having completed their tasks, the party looked for work in the town square. They decided to take care of a monster infestation in the chapel of Calanoel, to the south. Once arrived, they burst into the chapel and were greeted with a powerful and angry troll. It took a while, but the beast was defeated. His orc cronies in the next room were child’s play for the team; the last one was so frightened by their prowess that he killed himself to avoid his friends’ fate.

Session Three: Zombie Smackdown
In which the mayor's house is infiltrated.

September 4, 2010

Having left the mines and gotten their stuff identified, the party had a bone to pick with the Mayor back in Ocloma. They made haste, and reached the town in the middle of the night.

Timtim and Silos watched the mayor’s manor from the inn as the others prepared to invade, but changed their minds and went with the rest of the party as they climbed the roof, courtesy of a rope secured by Zogs. The heavily-armored folks had some difficulty but eventually everybody got up to the roof.

Once inside, the house was curiously devoid of enemies and wards. A few small mishaps occurred – chiefly, Silos drank the newly-identified potion of “darkvision”, only to begin emitting light from his body in a disconcerting manner.

Finally, a room tightly packed with zombies was encountered. Despite a close call or two, the party dispatched them, and headed to the next room – where the mayor himself was sitting on a throne!

With his SHODAN-like mode of speech, the mayor began conversing with the party in an almost sad or congenial manner. He revealed that he took up necromancy only so he could fight in the Telvanese army. However, before the party could confront him in combat, he raised his hands to his chest and vaporized, leaving behind a purplish mist that quickly dissipated.

Sir Bonerus elected to sit in the mayor’s throne. In this way did he absorb a tinge of necromantic energy – potentially enough to let him cast spells of some sort in the future. For now, though, it simply let him create a sort of temporary growth in anything he concentrated on; once he looked away, the aberrant thing disappeared.

Before leaving, Timtim pilfered the mayor’s old spellbooks. They contained strange and disturbing spells – with the most prominent one referencing some kind of arch constructed of bones.

The party then elected to cross Mytria and attempt to learn about Bonerus’ strange affliction from wizards in the capital city of Zul’Naga.

Session Two: Mine of Misunderstanding
In which things are complicated and spelunking occurs.

August 28, 2010

As our heroes approached the mansion, three wizards came running towards them, waving their hands. It seemed that, according to them, the mayor of Ocloma was crazy, and that he was the one who needed to be killed – not the wizards! The gnome gold was a misunderstanding, too – the wizards’ mansion had accidentally been built on an old mining site, and a pile of coins had been revealed in a sinkhole.

After appeasing the gnomes, the wizards turned to the PCs. They offered to pay the PCs some money and identify the strange potions they found in the cave if the PCs would head into the uncovered mine and kill the creatures living there. The party agreed and ventured downwards, with Mayve and Bardock taking point.

Once everyone was at the bottom of the shaft, they quickly noticed one mine cart heading left and one heading right. The party split up to tackle each shaft; each party-half fought a group of skeletons and zombies at the end of each passageway. After being rescued from these undead, Tamarie joined the party.

The heroes trekked through the abandoned mines, fending off giant spiders along the way. They recovered yet another mysterious potion; the previous ones were yellow and clear, and this one was purple. Silos, the unofficial potion-handler, added it to his bag.

Finally, the group found a large treasure chest guarded by four imposing statues. After solving a riddle which may or may not have been lifted from Monty Python for comedic effect, they retrieved several strange weapons – a bowstring that produced small explosions when it hit, a dagger that grew plants from whatever it struck, and other things – and divided these up among themselves.

Suddenly, the statues began talking! They began to cryptically count off numbers. Just before their imminent demise, the party escaped the mine via an exit ladder; the numbers had apparently been some sort of self-destruct countdown.

The wizards paid up identified the potions (the clear one was See Invisibility; the yellow one, Darkvision; the purple one, unknown) and the party set off again for Ocloma to deal with the mayor who had tried to get them to attack peaceful wizards.

Session One: Cave Explorers
In which a maiden is rescued and the mayor is introduced.

August 15, 2010

Let the game begin! What begin as a training session morphed into the first real session of our ongoing game.

The party found themselves venturing into a cave after hearing screams coming from inside. Our heroes hacked and bashed their way through orcs and skeletons only to find a young woman being held prisoner by a wizard! They killed the wizard and fed him to Bron-Bron, and then took the lady back to the mayor of Ocloma, who was her father.

He turned out to be strange and apparently insane, but he paid the party all the same – and told them that if they took care of a few rowdy wizards in the forest for him, he’d let them keep the masterwork weapons he provided for the deed!

The party set out for the wizards’ manse in the forest. Along the way, they met up with some gnomes who had their own beef with the wizards over an apparent hoard of ancient currency that the wizards were keeping for themselves.


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