Kavinus, the Mayor of Ocloma


Ocloma is a small town a few days’ foot travel west of the Mytrian border and the last town outside the Forests of Gardakan if you’re heading out of Mytria.

Its mayor seemed at first to be simply an insane pervert of a man who hired the party for a revenge contract against the Dragonheart chapterhouse just inside the Forest. However, his true nature as a necromancer was much more sinister. He was more obsessed-with-necromancy than truly evil.

Before the party could confront him in combat, he committed suicide and burst into vapor, leaving only his skeleton and the spellbooks he carried as a Telvani war wizard. The writing inside detailed strange and mysterious jottings for new spells of necromancy, with the most prominent being a mostly-completed spell centering around an arch made of bones.

New info as of session 5: Kavinus served with Lord Omarvana when the two were war wizards in the Telvanese army. Kavinus betrayed their cabal and defected, getting most of Omarvana’s men killed.

Kavinus, the Mayor of Ocloma

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