• Bardock (RETIRED)

    Bardock (RETIRED)

    Greatsword-wielder who often doubles, strangely enough, as the night scout.
  • Lore


    A magician who studies the arts of draconic magic.
  • Mayve


    Hails from the Southern Kingdom of Zarikus. Frequently ogled by Zogs.
  • Silos Chapter

    Silos Chapter

    He fights with two swords and purports to hail from the forest - but who ever heard of foresters leaving?
  • Sir Bonerus

    Sir Bonerus

    A knight-errant who hails from Auroch. Gets turned on by battle.
  • Tamarie


    A cleric of Sarenrae. Regular turner of undead and healer of wounded.
  • Thalord Jenkins

    Thalord Jenkins

    A noble crusader doing his best to keep his less moral friends from getting themselves all killed.
  • Timtim Covers-Head

    Timtim Covers-Head

    A young gnome wizard who always wears a helmet of some sort to cover his face.
  • Xin, formerly known as Schism (DECEASED)

    Xin, formerly known as Schism (DECEASED)

    Quick on his feet and swimming-impaired.
  • Zella and Bron Bron

    Zella and Bron Bron

    A druid and her velociraptor companion.
  • Zogs


    Extraordinarily skilled and stealthy thief with a possible breast fixation.