Shrines of Legend

Session Ten: Familiar Faces

In which travel is eventful and news is received.

November 26, 2010

The party encountered several things along their travels to Korvikus.

The first night, they handily fended off a savage pack of worgs.

The second day, a wizard of the Hex Arcana [note: this is the name of the “Transport” guild] made a brief appearance to the heroes. He gave them news of yet another war in the south. Zarukan had invaded Rastalia after the latest insurgent attack from the latter country, and the invading nation held the upper hand. The wizard appropriated Timtim’s reserve spell and vanished with the whish-crack of a teleport.

On the fourth day, the party was ambushed by a motley crew of bandits. Xin handily insta-killed one with excessive force, Silos and Mayve knocked out two more, and the others surrendered.

The bandit leader explained that the group had only taken up banditry as a way to escape the perils of the Blight, a wasting disease that was spreading over the baronies of Korvikus. The party recruited a few of the bandits [secretly to be used as cannon fodder] and set off again.

The fifth day was marked by the party’s joining with a group of dwarven pilgrims headed to Woren, the seat of power in Vortok’s barony, in order to visit the grand shrine of Gorum there.



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