Shrines of Legend

Session Six: Into the Woods

In which rivers provide amusement and ants lay the smack down.

October 15, 2010

[The session took a while to get on track; after an hour spent gossiping, the players settled in and got the ball rolling.]

The heroes woke bright and early and met with their guides, then ventured into the forest in search of the first shrine.

Notable encounters:

The first menace to … menace them was a group of goblins. These were tricky foes; they sniped with bows from high trees and used the thick tree trunks for cover from return fire.

With the help of their hired aides (the scout, Braz, and the warrior, So-Crates the Slayer), the party was able to put down the goblin menace and continue unmolested.

A few days later, they had to cross a river. The river moved at a fairly decent clip, but with the aid of a rope arrow from Silos, everyone made it across with only a few mishaps.

The deadliest encounter, by far, was their nighttime rude awakening by a swarm of army ants. Zogs nearly lost his life to the vicious beasties, but luckily they chose not to attack him after downing him.

After about two weeks of tiring travel through the Forest of Gardakan, the party felt their items tugging, as if indicating a direction. An hour later, they were standing before a green marble building—the first Shrine!

A wall of vegetation cut them off from their guides, and the party ventured onward … into the foreboding shrine.



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