Shrines of Legend

Session Seven: ¡Koboldes!

In which statues are creepy and kobolds forge alliances.

October 29, 2010

The party stepped cautiously into the marble temple. The riddle pertaining to this shrine had warned them of “ageless sentinels,” so it was probably best to be on guard.

Upon entering, two things became apparent. First, there was a fork in the path. Second, a curious verse was inscribed upon a flat section of wall between the forks. The poem warned of an ancient curse on the “frozen ones,” and encourage the party to turn back—unless, of course, they thought they could break the curse. Having read this, the party elected to take the right-hand path.

Their first test of combat was with two rough copper statues that fought like warriors. As they fought our heroes, the statues said phrases like “Defend the Lifegiver” and “My soul for the Lifegiver” in an eerie, monotonous voice. In a disturbing turn of events, a few times during the fight, the statues spoke a few words in a frightened regular voice … usually just before dropping to the floor, motionless, unresponsive.

In the next room, the marble had given way to the environment. Roots and dirt formed the walls, and strands of more roots draped from the ceiling. As the party made to pass swiftly through the “empty” room, they encountered a pair of nasty shocker lizards! These foes were dealt with fairly swiftly, but not swiftly enough to prevent them getting off a few deadly zaps of electricity.

The party then elected to rest for eight hours, to freshen up, regain spells, and be prepared after two exhausting fights. Luckily, nothing came to investigate in the night, and the party woke in the late afternoon, ready for some more baddy-bashing.

Their next challenge came in the form of more statues! These ones fought like wizards, with illusions and armor spells making them tougher than they appeared. Again came the disturbing rallying cries for the “Lifegiver”; again, the creepy changes in voice and tone before being rendered immobile.

Finally, the adventurers made their way into a curious room—and a large one. It was filled with mud, and a large contingent of kobolds in snowshoe-like footwear charged busily towards them. However, Silos, thinking quickly, recognized the language they spoke, Terran, and responded in kind.

With some lucky bluffing, Silos pretended that the party was a group of servants to the Lifegiver, and that they would free the kobolds later when their services were no longer needed. The kobolds agreed to not kill them, and they brought forth a strange item they had been guarding: a smooth copper rod with strange spikes going around one end.

The party having escaped a fight thusly, they turned their sights to the other fork of the road …



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