Shrines of Legend

Session Nine: Secret of the Forest

In which powers are gained and the heroes travel.

November 19, 2010

Green energy shot out from the magical well, surrounding each hero in green light. Their ancient weapons and items glowed with this energy too, and some of them even changed form; for example, Mayve’s shortsword became a pair of bracers. Silos in particular took a large blast of energy [this is the reasoning for him becoming a plant-based sorcerer].

Having received new power in their items, the party left the shrine and trekked back to the capital city with their guards. Along the way, they noticed many dead owlbears slumped over trees or collapsed on the ground.

When they got back, the king himself was waiting, along with hundreds of nobles, merchants, and peasants alike. In a booming voice, the king proclaimed that somehow the heroes had killed all the owlbears of the forest. This meant that trade could resume through the Forest of Gardakan, and the party members were national saviors. There would be a feast in their honor the following night!

On the feast night they were seated by the king himself, who presented the group with E. Arborian signet rings. However, most of the party members had post-banquet plans for the night.

Zogs, Mayve, and Timtim were approached by Kyanna, who paid Mayve a small fee in return for being allowed to join up with the group when they left the city the next day. Kyanna then left to speak with Thalord while the other three went off looking for loot. Eventually they broke into an armory and stole some swords.

Xin [formerly known as Schism]slipped past several guards and posed as a courtesan in order to gain entry to a noblewoman’s bedchamber. Once in, he scurried about inspecting for false walls and trap doors, much to the surprise of the ladies within.

The next day, the party of heroes was wrapping up their errands when they suddenly experienced a set of shared visions.

The first of these showed a grave-looking elf, middle-aged, surrounded by advisors. The elf was evidently someone of importance, judging by the way the advisors acted towards him. They engaged in some worried discussion (the vision was silent and dream-like) until the kingly man stood up and slammed his signet ring down on a map of the continent. As he raised his ring, the vision blurred and shifted. The same man was shown staring, worried, out of a window in a luxurious chamber. Through the window, a massive volcano could be seen as ominous roils of smoke drifted from its top.

The second showed a human man, resplendent in blue dress, as he sighed and paced in an austere chamber. The view from his window showed the streets of a city, unusually quiet for one so large. He stared out the window, elbows on the sill; with a little concentration, he imagined the streets full of life, with people of all types putting aside prejudice to celebrate tradition. The second part of the vision was brief. The same sad-eyed man stood next to his wife, fitting the last of his ornaments and medals onto his attire. There was the sound of cheering and applause as his eyes looked over at the wooden door of the small room; taking his wife’s hand, the two walked towards the entryway.

The party members reasoned that these two visions must be directing them towards a certain two of the remaining shrines. Thalord thought for a while about the customs of other countries, and finally announced that clothing of the second man matched that worn by nobles of Korvikus, one of the northernmost countries on the continent.

With their newest goal in mind, the party (now including Kyanna) set off to the north, crossing into the country of Verdek Vos by the end of the first day. Unfortunately, their progress would be slower, as the relatively smooth plains of East Arboria’s borders soon gave way to the Barrier Foothills of Verdek Vos.



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