Shrines of Legend

Session Four: Errands and Reprimands

In which the party buys things and gets in fights.

September 17, 2010

The party began their trek into Mytria, with Bardock and Zella left behind to fill in as the new joint mayors of Ocloma.

Halfway through the ninety-mile journey to Invar, the first major town, the party was ambushed at night by several goblins. They were defeated with some ease, although some scrapes were had by Sir Bonerus in particular.

As the battle concluded, two guards on horseback from the nearby settlement of Jydavon approached. They thanked the party for taking care of the goblins, who were part of a group that had been terrorizing the village.

The PCs received a few days’ free billeting in the inn. Notable events: Sir Bonerus’ powers increasing, although not to any useful stage yet, and being used to assault a bartender. He had to do a weeks’ work with the town guards as punishment.

After a week, the party walked onward toward Invar. Along the way, they met some traveling merchants. Sir Bonerus purchased eyewear to stop his powers from manifesting everywhere, Thalord bought a miner’s pick, and the party moved on after a hushed debate over whether or not to murder the peaceful traders.

The party had several days’ errands to run upon reaching Invar. Thalord, accompanied by Tamarie, went to get his unrefined gold turned into bars of the same. Bonerus and Silos went weapon-shopping but found nothing to their liking. Zogs and Mayve purchased some poisons under the counter at an apothecary. Finally, Timtim, Bonerus, and Silos purchased a modified Scroll of Magic Missile, a Brew of Battle, and nothing (respectively) from a friendly old magic-user.

Having completed their tasks, the party looked for work in the town square. They decided to take care of a monster infestation in the chapel of Calanoel, to the south. Once arrived, they burst into the chapel and were greeted with a powerful and angry troll. It took a while, but the beast was defeated. His orc cronies in the next room were child’s play for the team; the last one was so frightened by their prowess that he killed himself to avoid his friends’ fate.



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