Shrines of Legend

Session Eleven: Haunted

In which yetis slay Xin and the castle is breached.

November 27, 2010

The party arrived in Worek eager to pursue their vision. A helpful goldsmith purchased Thalord’s gold bars and informed them of the local custom: all foreigners were invited to the Baron’s Feast, three nights from now. “Normally the Festival of the Harvest would be held right now,” he added, “but nobody wants to celebrate with the Blight spreading over the farmlands.”

The party attended the banquet and, to some surprise, learned that Baron Vortok was the man from their vision.

At the feast, the baron announced that he had an idea as to what was causing the disease that was draining the country’s coffers and population. He called for all proud foreigners to aid him and his personal guard in questing through the mountains to a site he knew, and promised coin and glory for those that accompanied him.

The party, naturally, went along with this.

The next evening, the expedition was launched. The party formed a sort of advance guard, and the Baron and his 40 soldiers followed behind.

After a few days of travel, the group engaged in combat against a pair of vicious yetis! Despite valiant efforts to put the creatures down, one of the savage beasts managed to rend Xin, limb from limb.

Three days later, the party was cut off from the baron and his men during a particularly intense blizzard. Before they could make their way back to the main party, a whole group of yetis cut them off. The party elected to run; with just moments to spare, they made it to the castle they had been approaching all day.

This castle was old. The baron had explained that it had once belonged to Hemar Tannet and his lady, Lyssa Tannet, nearly two hundred years ago when these lands were not yet part of Telvan and Korvikus was not yet its own country. Strange occurrences and shadowy disturbances in some of the mining towns belonging to Tannet prompted him to lead an expedition to rout the evils. He never came back, and his widow eventually wasted away … or so the story goes.

The party fought off an ambush of ghouls and, on the second floor, a few sinister shadows, although Kyanna nearly succumbed to the draining touch of the creatures.



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